Year: 2007

Treehugger Article on How to Green Your Pet

One of the best articles I have read on Green issues related to pets is Treehugger’s How to Green Your Pet, 03. 5.07 (sorry I missed it until now) Definitely a GreenPet must read. They discuss in depth about the various considerations pet owners should have about the effect your pet has on the planet as well as how the planet is affecting your pet. Like why you shouldn’t let your cat outside on its own, or why adapt from a shelter, why clay cat litter is bad, and don’t give junk food to your pets. Check out this article and be sure to read the comments from readers, often even more informative and interesting than the article...

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Dog Travel Towel Made from 100% recycled wood chips

Dog Travel Towel made from recycled wood chips $17.95 from When my dog travels with me, she’s always be on the look out for exotic mudpuddles to lie down in or smelly ponds to dive into – having a towel that is not only fast-drying but also eco-friendly is just the thing to keep handy. Measures: 20″ x...

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Freeze dried raw organic foods for dogs and cats

Nature’s Variety Prairie Freeze Dried Raw Foods for Dogs and Cats choice of Chicken+Turkey, Beef, Lamb, Venison 12 oz. packets for $21.00 or get a Variety Pack of 4 bags (1 bag of each flavor) for $79.90 at With all the concern about wheat gluten contamination and the many doubts about the safety and healthiness of pet food from many major brands more and more people are considering springing for alternative foods. Some choose to cook their own food for their pets and others may consider looking at organic pet foods. One brand that seems promising is Nature’s Variety Prairie which is pre-ground freeze dried organic raw food for your dog or cat. Made with fresh raw meat and fresh raw ground bone. The Freeze dried process removes the moisture while still retaining the healthful benefits of raw food. You can reconstitute it with water or feed it dry. Great as a dry snack and as a training treat. From SitStay’s website; “Nature’s Variety Freeze Dried foods are cold processed from meats and organs, freshly ground raw bone, fruits, vegetables, sprouts, nutritious oils, wild game bird eggs, natural vitamins, and chelated minerals. Each food is 95% meat, organs, and bones with a portion of these coming from certified organic sources. Unlike heat processed kibble and canned foods which have many nutritional components compromised during heat processing, these raw...

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Organic Bird Seed Mixes

Our feathered friends haven’t been getting enough attention here at great green pets. Hopefully we can soon rectify this matter. In the mean time perhaps we can munch on some organic bird foods and treats. offers a variety of organically grown bird foods such as Parrot and wild bird seed mix and Organic Finch...

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Recycle your dog’s fur into art

Fleece Dog Kit by Sinco from 2310 Yen or $19.73 Ok, it might be a bit of a stretch to call the “re-use” of dog fur “recycling” and to be classified as green. Perhaps re-purposing would be a better word. While fleece dog-making won’t save the planet, maybe the joy of people seeing your creation will make the world a little bit nicer. If you enjoy crafting, the Fleece Dog may be worth checking out. It’s is a small stuffed dog made with wool, dog hair or a combination. They suggest you use raw wool but I can’t see why it wouldn’t be possible to take apart an old sweater, sock or similar made of natural undyed wool – so you could officially call it recycling! If you get really good at making these – I can easily imagine a small online business selling these. There is a book you can buy for $22.95 (Fleece Dog: A Little Bit of Magic Created with Raw Wool and a Special Needle) and the website gives free extensive instructions on how to make it. It seems you really don’t need to buy anything at all if you already have most of the tools and materials for making. However, most people will probably want to get the whole kit that includes all the necessary materials and instructions. With patience, a good eye...

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